Letter to my 15-year-old self

Day of the Girl — My voice, our equal future

Be fearless and always curious.

Dear 15-year-old self

It’s 2020 and the UN is celebrating the Day of the Girl.

Be fearless.

You are going to love secondary school.

Continue to be curious — as education will be the stepping-stone to your dreams.

Your dreams are on track — even if you don’t yet know all the opportunities and challenges in the wider world.

A family of five girls!

As a big sister, you have hopes and wishes for your four siblings. Keep urging them to keep their dreams alive and imagination fertile. And be sure to thank your parents because they too dream for you to soar high.

I know you also concerned about your cousin. She’s at school with you now but you worry that her dreams will be cut short — that your grandmother will take her back to the village to be married.

Even in 2020, this still happens too often. The importance of girl’s education is something you can champion now and always.

Everything you care about at age 15 — your family, your friends, school and the nature you are growing up in — are going to be central to your future.

And to all the 15-year-old girls today — study hard, let your voice be heard and dream big!

Amina today